Thursday, September 14, 2006


Stefanie Klein and Leonie Stützle are presenting a table-game for 2 players called: ``Shaking the Cultures of Istanbul``. The metaphoric aspect of their work is obvious. they are focusing on a ``light``-view to the complex notion of an extrem diverse city istanbul. The different religions, the different life-styles and political habbits of the people of istanbul as well as the ``bank-money`` coming into the city are producing a chaotic mix that is probably driving the city. Having this in mind, the ``clash of cultures`` visible in istanbul through that game, is not enough. The main aspect is still the earthquake possibility itself driving the game. ``shaking the culture`` is a controvers but highly noticed game developed as an answer or suggestion how this city might develope in near future. for more info write e-mail to:,

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